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The Operating Theatre Company is an amateur dramatics and musicals society based in Glasgow, Scotland

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Photographic cabins to record the good moments in theatre

Memories. The HD webcams, together with the photographic printers, revitalized the segment of the booths for events. How they work today.

Thanks to the improvement in the quality and the lowering of the costs of the image and printing devices, the photo booths sydney, which are often seen in public places of high tourist traffic and which today have become portable, Install them in halls of celebrations and events of all type.

A local development

Eduardo Peiró is an entrepreneur from Cordoba who designed a model of photo booths that he now sells and rents for events. Consulted by Tendencias, Peiró says that “before, for cameras, modified Polaroid instant cameras or reflex cameras were used, which can be controlled remotely via cables. However, the current trend is that the booths can also record videos and messages, and with those cameras that is not possible. From there, he explains how he came to develop his own product: “Now that there are 3 or 4 megapixel HD webcams, the software has been modified to integrate this type of cameras; For example, we use the Logitech C920, which gives you the ability to do autofocus, video recording and also has a microphone of its own.

Regarding the software needed for this type of application, Peiró reports: “For PandaCam we developed software and acquired two US programs that allow you to integrate a chroma key (green or blue background), to replace it for whatever you want.”Another technological detail of the cabins is that to shoot the catches use Arcade buttons (those that use the electronic games of chips), since they have high durability and resistance and they are connected to the USB of the computer through an interface adapter.

As for lighting, “while using LED flashes, as do professional cameramen, the tendency is to light the cabin with low-energy cold lights, as they produce a bath of light similar to that of a television studio” , Says Peiró.

The impression, a dilemma

There are printers designed specifically for this application (such as the HiTi brand) but, in Peiró’s opinion, today they are “incomprable” from the country. These are thermal printers to 4 colors that are handled with paper rolls and in 20 seconds they deliver the printed image, dry and without borders. “Here, we have replaced them with photographic inkjet printers or printers with continuous system like Epson L210, with matte presentation paper, and we obtain an excellent result”, affirms the entrepreneur.

The social booth

A differential element of these new times is that the same booths now offer the possibility of sharing on Facebook the photos that were taken and printed during the event, which multiplies the impact of the action. “In the case of PandaCam, an event album is created on your Facebook page; This way we got to have 21 thousand visualizations of photos of events that we attended, 2000 ‘I like’ and comments. We have measured that publishing this type of content on Facebook has 10 times more impact than another type of content institutional dye, “ends Peiró.


Rental of booths for an event, for 90 minutes of use, from: $ 2,000

Cabins can be purchased from: $ 45,000

From Rosario

Ramiro Fabris, a Rosary entrepreneur, designed PhotoClub, booths that go one step further. In addition to taking snapshots in the place where they are located, they also allow to print the images that have been captured with the cell phone or the user has uploaded to social networks. The difference of these cabins is that they can be installed in public places and receive payment for the service, since they incorporate a ticket identifier.

The VOS booth in Cosquín Rock

In the VIP space of Cosquín Rock, the cabin of VOS and The Voice of the Interior was one of the favorite entertainments.

Put barriers to the thief and better protect your home theatre for not too much money

“Yes we have perceived an increase in the demand of security of both current and potential clients. We can say that the reinforcement in security is increasing in Spain ». Israel Casaseca , commercial director of the residential and SME area of ​​one of the leading private security multinationals in Spain, Prosegur , ruled out that because of the economic crisis the population did not increase the protection in their homes. This reason, according to the recent criminal accounts in the country, can also be addressed to the waves of robberies in private homes that besiege the country, especially in large cities and coastal areas, But also a recovery of thefts in small towns where organized bands of cacos penetrate in the houses taking advantage, above all, holidays and playful acts in these municipalities. With more than 128,000 customers in homes and businesses scattered throughout the country, Prosegur, through the mouth of Casaseca, advises to reverse the tendency to act “a past bull.” “What is fundamentally wrong in Spain does in terms of security of households?” . “The most frequent case is that we wait for an incident to occur to realize the need to invest in security. It is at that moment that we decide that we must hire an alarm system “, answers the commercial director. 000 customers in homes and businesses scattered throughout the country, Prosegur, through the mouth of Casaseca, advises to reverse the trend of acting “a past bull.” “What is fundamentally wrong in Spain does in terms of security of households?” . “The most frequent case is that we wait for an incident to occur to realize the need to invest in security. It is at that moment that we decide that we must hire an alarm system “, answers the commercial director. 000 clients in homes and businesses scattered throughout the country, Prosegur, through the mouth of Casaseca, advises to reverse the tendency to act ‘a past bull’. “What is fundamentally wrong in Spain does in terms of security of households?” . “The most frequent case is that we wait for an incident to occur to realize the need to invest in security. It is at that moment that we decide that we must hire an alarm system “, answers the commercial director. “The most frequent case is that we wait for an incident to occur to realize the need to invest in security. It is at that moment that we decide that we must hire an alarm system “, answers the commercial director. “The most frequent case is that we wait for an incident to occur to realize the need to invest in security. It is at that moment that we decide that we must hire an alarm system “, answers the commercial director.

The alarm system, safe bet

And at that moment, what system do we choose as the safest: an armored or armored door, a lock of the whole life with chain, motion lights with sensor …? The possibilities are endless. For the head of the private security company, the main thing is, without a doubt, “to have a good alarm system”. There are, according to details, that already allow to see through the mobile or the tablet the images and give access to the user to activate or deactivate the security system wherever it is .

Not so ambitious, the simplest technical solution is a system like the Proview + that performs a verification by image (the intruder is detected and sends images to the central receiver receiving alarms of the contracted company for the system, in this case Prosegur). Within this wide range, there are many professional video surveillance systems that have specific cameras. There are alarms that give you images on your mobile; Others have a specific camera According to Casaseca, “alarm systems are an important deterrent” for criminals . Other ranges of security systems include much more sophisticated measures such as IP technology, mixed systems, wired elements with others that work via radio, Systems for continuous image recording from the outside or perimeter detection and sending of a motor watchman and experienced to verify the alarm jump (the so-called immediate intervention service). The geographic coverage and the speed with which it is taken care of from the central of alarms will depend as much of the contracted company as of the system chosen, therefore. However, it is important to “complement this alarm system with other measures that simulate presence in the home, such as some electronic devices that program the lighting of lights or television or music devices,” remarks the head of Prosegur. This way you can deceive and hinder the intentions of the friends of others. The geographic coverage and the speed with which it is taken care of from the central of alarms will depend as much of the contracted company as of the system chosen, therefore. However, it is important to “complement this alarm system with other measures that simulate presence in the home, such as some electronic devices that program the lighting of lights or television or music devices,” remarks the head of Prosegur. This way you can deceive and hinder the intentions of the friends of others. The geographic coverage and the speed with which it is taken care of from the central of alarms will depend as much of the contracted company as of the system chosen, therefore. However, it is important to “complement this alarm system with other measures that simulate presence in the home, such as some electronic devices that program the lighting of lights or television or music devices,” remarks the head of Prosegur. This way you can deceive and hinder the intentions of the friends of others. Remarks the head of Prosegur. This way you can deceive and hinder the intentions of the friends of others. Remarks the head of Prosegur. This way you can deceive and hinder the intentions of the friends of others.

Arrested at the threshold

For that type of deception to the alleged caco is where also the police councils to prevent theft in homes , even when it is inside the home, which result in the fact that the owner should not completely disconnect the electricity from his house , Or hide an emergency key in the vicinity of the threshold or door lintel. It should illuminate the entrance, not comment that goes on vacation or for a few days with anyone, require accreditation to representatives of services such as gas and the phone that arrive home without having previously requested and always lock the door, not Only with the slip, since in that case it can be opened with ease.

And that raid of unwanted dwelling is the one that you can torpedo with two other important elements to reinforce the security in your house: the type of door and the type of lock that contains. From locksmiths and technical services, they need to install a complementary safety lock to the main lock. This is a one-sided decision by the owner of the house, although experience confirms that “where the shacks come first is at the doors that seem less safe.” In fact, a “modus operandi” ratified by police sources to this newspaper is that the thief rises to the top of a block and goes down, plant by floor by the stairs, to find the house or the floor that seems most unprotected.

By type, there are locks, locks or, as they are mentioned in lock, “single key”. A plausible possibility recommended by professionals such as Francisco Boluda, a veteran in locksmith melbourne , is the FAC lock with a security key , suitable for wooden, iron or aluminum doors, very safe because it usually consists of eight security screws, four at the door and others Four in the frame. It is an economic complement, which in websites like eBay can cost from a few euros to about 80 euros . A base price for a FAC lock is about 49 euros.

That is the simplest and cheapest recommendation, although there are also locks consisting of a steel bolt operated with remote control, which is said to be almost an invisible lock, because it is not possible to manipulate it, since nothing is seen On the outside to the door and the remote control only has the tenant. The disadvantage of this type of device is that the “bad guys” have invented everything and there are even frequency inhibitors of remote controls, as well as alarms and other electronic safety circuits.

According to the experts consulted, this not too huge investment of time and money already contributes to the thief to think a moment before the assault, robbery that is dispersed, also reinforcing the windows with resistant crystals (those of PVC and aluminum are More) and with a maximum separation between bars of 12 centimeters. The external lighting, the placement of a timer or motion detector that lights lights outside and inside the house to always give the impression that there is someone at home will be new calls to the caco to abort mission.

The Service of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Complex HUMI ​​and the Palace of Congresses Theatre

The congress has the support of the agreement LPA Meeting signed between the Palace of Congresses of the Canary Islands and the City Hall of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Topics such as menopause, osteoporosis, vaginal health and hormonal treatments will be addressed, but in this edition we want to introduce innovative topics such as the influence of genetic research on gynecological processes and degenerative processes, osteoarticular diseases, cognitive impairment, among others

The Gynecology and Obstetrics Service of the Materno Insular University Hospital Complex and the Conference Hall of the Canarias-Auditorio Alfredo Kraus have won the candidacy to host the XV Congress of the Spanish Association for the Study of Menopause (AEEM) to be held in May Of 2018. The proposal co-hosted by Dr. Domingo Madera and the doctor. Mª Ángeles Nieto was received with great interest by the members of the General Assembly of partners of the AEEM and was selected in front of the other candidate city, Madrid.

The conference will address topics such as menopause, osteoporosis, vaginal health and hormonal treatments, but this edition also wants to introduce innovative topics such as the influence of human genome research in such a way that if you can influence the Chromosomes and specifically on the telomeres, you can know more about degenerative processes such as osteoarticular, early menopause, mild cognitive impairment and its complications, among others. According to Dr. Madera “this is an area in which much will evolve, since it is a very novel subject.”

In addition, caring for women over 65 will be one of the main themes of the congress since the life expectancy is increasing and the woman lives more years in the climacteric. “The body is deteriorating and appear diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, alzheimer’s, osteoporosis so the doctor has to be aware of the necessary care. The woman grows old, but does not age healthy. Maybe the gynecologist will be the woman’s doctor in the not too distant future, “says Dr. Madera.

The organizing committee of the event belongs to the Gynecology and Obstetrics Service of the Maternal-Infant University Hospital Complex of the Canary Islands. According to Dr. Madera, “the team is characterized by the combination of young gynecologists and some seniors. This was one of the pillars of the candidacy. The team is still open to complete with any health professional who has interest and their activity is related to women. ” The organizing committee has set itself the goal of involving 600 congresses among gynecologists, nurses, family doctors and midwives from all over Spain.

The congress has the support of the agreement LPA Meeting signed between the Palace of Congresses of the Canary Islands and the City Hall of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Spanish Association for the Study of Menopause (AEEM)

It is a non-profit scientific society, dedicated to the study of climacteric. At present, it is formed by about 1,000 members of different specialties such as gynecology, rheumatology, endocrinology, primary care, nursing, etc. And arises from the restlessness of a number of doctors by the study of menopause.

In addition to belonging to the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SEGO) and Mid-Atlantic OBGYN , the AEEM works with other medical societies in a multidisciplinary way, to be able to delve into the different consequences of the climacteric treated from different points of view. This fact makes the AEEM a scientific society addressed to anyone interested in the study of Climaterium and menopause.

Dogs also go to the theater in Madrid

The dogs have gone to the theater this Sunday in Madrid. At least in the theater hall La Usina, which in the afternoon session has allowed the public to enjoy with their pets a representation of the play “Rehearsal of a farewell”.

The movement “dog friendly” is leaving behind the signs with a dog crossed with a cross because the relationship between humans and dogs is increasingly close, and they want to enjoy all the moments together.

A group of companies called “SmartDog” have as common denominator to offer “an alternative of socialization and coexistence in harmony” with the pets, assuming the responsibility of having a dog.

Some of the companies attached to this movement are Inditex, Vodafone or Repsol, which allow its workers and customers to go to their headquarters in a canine company.

Educated dogs are getting better received in bars, shops or art galleries, and the “next step” was the theater.

SmartDog manager, Coral Sangil, explained to Efe that this Sunday’s theater performance is about a pilot project, with a maximum of six dogs, to verify that “coexistence is possible”.

The work “Rehearsal of a Farewell” by the company Almanema has been adapted “minimally” to “not create startles and loud noises” so as not to scare the dogs, Sangil said.

Teo, Mari Puri, Panda, Pancho, Lana and Cronos have been the most special assistants of the play who, for forty-five minutes, have suppressed some drowned bark, but have broken off with their masters in the clapping applause.

“It has been a great experience,” said the owner of Lana and said that his dog “has been attentive throughout the work.”

Having a dog is not just a whim, but also an obligation of responsibility, self-learning and perseverance. Do not be carried away by immediate decisions.

According to data from the Affinity Foundation, in the year 2014 were collected by the protectors in Spain more than 140,000 dogs and cats, most of them abandoned by economic factors, unwanted layers or bad behavior of the animal.

But also the loss of interest in the chosen mascot is a cause of abandonment in 9% of cases, the same percentage that is detected at the end of the hunting season, adds Affinity in a study on the characteristics of abandonment in 2014.

Sangil assures Efe that “it is a long time” for Spain to become a European country, in relation to the possession of medium dogs, where it is “much better adapted and integrated” in society and owners are “aware of their responsibilities.”

Likewise, he has criticized that in Spain “a dog training course is not compulsory as happens in France”.

In Spain, since 2012, there is a bible dog: SrPerro. Created by the journalist Micaela de la Maza, it serves as a “guide for urban animals” and collects the addresses of the sites where dogs are allowed to enter.

Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia, are some of the cities with more local registered in SrPerro.

All the locals that have the sticker “Good dogs, welcome”, with the drawing of Cole, the chucho-schnauzer of Micaela and who has traveled throughout Spain to create this guide, allow the entrance of canine friends.

“He who has not had a dog does not know what it is to love and be loved,” said the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, so that all those who have not felt the love of a dog, will not understand the need of their owners to enjoy each Time with your pets.

Be responsible, adopt one and you will understand.

Politicians play vacuuming with the Band


I’m sure that they will have passed many times at home, but from now on they will do it with more rhythm and more rhythm. Playing the GoSu vacuum cleaner as if it were a musical instrument in the company of the Pontevedra Music Band was a unique and unrepeatable experience for Miguel Anxo Fernández Lores, Antón Louro and Jacobo Moreira. The three local politicians went up yesterday to the Stage of the Main Theater, along with the writer Fina Casalderrey, to participate in the interpretation of one of the themes of the Christmas concert that offered the musical formation. The chosen piece was Grand Grand Overture, by Malcolm Arnold, British composer as classic as versatile, author of the soundtrack of The Bridge on the River Kwai, for which he won an Oscar in 1957. The overture that was heard yesterday in the Main Composed it a year earlier, in 1956,

Lores, Louro, Moreira and Casalderrey joined the formation, each with their vacuum cleaner, and followed the instructions of the director, Juan Lois Diéguez, turning them on and off to the beat of the music played by the rest of the performers. A week ago they had made a previous test and according to Adrián Silva, spokesman of the BMP, there already was seen that they were not given anything bad. After this special intervention, in which they easily connected with the public, the concert continued normally with waltzes and other Christmas themes of Strauss, Anderson and Hellmesberger, among others. But the surprises did not end there. When arriving at the sixth work of the program, Champagne Polka, of Johann Strauss, in the scene one uncorked a bottle of champagne, followed by a toast for the new year.

2013 ends with music and 2014 will start with music. Tomorrow, at 19 hours, the Pazo da Cultura will host the Concert Aninovo of the Philharmonic Orchestra City of Pontevedra, accompanied by the Ballet de Galicia. And the Band of Music of Pontevedra will also offer its first concert of the year on Friday, day 3, again in the Main Theater. This will be a musical encounter of great symbolism, titled As duas beiras do Miño, in which you can hear the voices of Ana Laíns and Rosa Cedrón.


2Other of the acts that marked the day of yesterday was the presentation in the Sixth Building of the number 19 of the magazine Galegos. Seven articles dedicated to Castelao, in which most of the works that are discussed are part of the Museum’s collection, form its content. The authors are Justo Beramendi, María Vitoria Carballo-Calero, José Manuel B. López Vázquez, José Manuel Castaño García, Xosé Fuentes Alende, Xosé Ramón Fandiño and Carlos Valle Pérez, who bring different visions about Castelao in its facets as an artist, Galician politician , Writer and ethnographer.

Watch the trailer for The locksmith , the new film Natalia Smirnoff after Puzzle

After debuting with that sort of comic-romantic drama about loneliness was the special puzzle , Argentina’s director Natalia Smirnoff returns with The locksmith(see more about locksmith at, a new romantic comedy with  Esteban Lamothe , who have seen a few months ago in our country starring in the debut Santiago Mitre , student, or recently in sharing thought it would be a party , as the protagonist of the film. the film does not have release date in Spain, but a few days ago just opened in the newly complete edition of Sundance and its trailer is this:

Fans of heavy metal and classical music have much in common, according to a study

And this was confirmed by the study director, Adrian North from the University of Edinburgh. Although genres are very different, their fans share many personality traits and so have noted the Scottish capital. According to them, anyway you like Bach or worship Iron Maiden, both groups (as well as having good taste) are “quasi-identical”.

Heavy metal Classical music VS

“To us they tell us nothing new”

The findings come from research on the personalities of more than 36,000 music fans around the world, from Chile to China. Leaving aside age differences, the study claims that are virtually identical, since they are more creative than others, not very extroverted and quiet. If? Insurance? That seems, because as lovers of classical music, metal are also obsessed with her style. Over the years has divided the genre increasingly subgroups, death metal, thrash metal, glam metal … And there is also a sense of theater that is common to both groups, as both try to find the show with their songs and performances.

On the other hand, they say that jazz fans, also resemble, as they are creative and extroverted, however, fans of the country are hard workers, those in the relaxed reggae, those of aggressive punk and indie lack self-esteem and they need the best flow shelf and rack system for cartons. There is nothing. All music fans in general were described as creative, hilarious three exceptions: lovers of disco, pop and pop music chart. Professor North explained that the musical tastes were a reflection of the character and choose a style and nothing else is what makes us tell the world something about ourselves. “People often define their sense of identity through their musical taste, wearing particular clothes, going to certain bars and using certain types of slang, so it is not surprising that personality should be related to musical preference” . And he believes that fans of jazz and soul have the “best” personality type, showing positive traits such as good self-esteem, creativity and extroversion.

If after this you still do not feel fully identified in the following descriptions seek and replantearos your tastes (or not):

Jazz : creative, outgoing, calm and with high esteem.
Classical : creative, high esteem, introverted and quiet with themselves.
Disco : with high esteem, workers, extroverts, sweets and uncreative.
Rap : insurance themselves and extroverts.
– ” light music ” (as swing, big band …): workers, extroverted, sweet, comfortable with themselves and lack of creativity.
Country : workers and friendly.
Reggae : with high esteem, creative, extroverted, sweet, relaxed, carefree and not workers.
Punk and Indie : low esteem, creative, lazy and aggressive.
Rock / Heavy Metal : high esteem, creative, introvert and quiet with themselves.
Chart pop : with high esteem, workers, friendly, sweet and uncreative.

8 Of The World’s Most Remarkable Theaters


Watch HD Movies look better on the beach in the open, on the other – in medieval fortresses, others go well with beer on the top floor of the showroom.

Today most profitable cinemas – those in which viewers do not see a movie fanatic, but ordinary people who want to have fun and appreciate the free communication, quality food and pleasant interior.

Odeon (Florence, Italy)

Ticket price: € 5.50, at weekends – € 7.50


A small cinema in Italy are closed, but Odeon in crisis feel confident However, the owners of the media group under the auspices of holding RTI Mediaset Silvio Berlusconi and 21 partners, shareholders whose Alessandro Benetton, thought he could afford .

Cinema is located in a stone building of the XV century Palazzo case Strozzino, once belonged to the family Strozzi – the richest and most influential people of Florentsiya.Sled World War I, in 1920, in the former palace of architect Marcello Piacentini destroyed walls 121 room creating a common

Space – circular hall with a stage on which stood a movie screen.interior reconstruction hardly affected: Hall still adorn tapestries, crystal chandeliers, marble columns and original sculptures Renesansa.Na every 45 minutes, wasting film session and declare a pause to talkative Italian viewers could discuss the plot of the film, and at the same time to consider in the light of the design space.

Site Cinema:

Korsoer Biograf Theatre, (Korsor, Denmark)

ticket price : 55 DKK ($ 9,5)


Korsoer Biograf Theatre opened January 30, 1907 in Red Hall Hotel Korsør, and today is the center of entertainment, where in addition to films performances, concerts and comedy performances.

Three years ago, the owners have visited the theater Polish city of Szczecin to Pioneer – according to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest theater in sveta.Razbira is vintage wooden interior and red upholstered chairs impressed by the Danes, but most of them struck by the fact that their own theater over the champion of the year.

returning to their homeland, they restored fairness: Guinness Book of Records provided all documents and confirm their status as the first theater in world.But other oldest theaters not hurt online Korsoer Biograf Theatre had links to websites to Pioneer or Lumiere in Pisa.

Site Cinema: Theater (Orfild, USA)

Shankweiler of

ticket price : $ 9


One of the oldest cinemas American car can be seen in the movie “Twister” and “The Shining” with Jack Nicholson in the main rolya.Temi the film are defined as in the provincial town American, cinema and car appeared in them at best way to demonstrate a simple and easy life of Americans from the country: in such places road and cinemas still exist.

the territory Theatre Shankweiler is a classic snack of popcorn, pretzels, donuts and Coca-kola.Zvukat film is 90,7 FM frequency, but if the car is not equipped with a radio, then when entering the territory issued special stereopriёmnik.Prez April , May and September cinema works only on Saturday and Sunday, but summer movies are shown every day.

Site Cinema:

Fashion Island (Newport Beach, United States)

ticket price : from $ 13.50


What should be the film to remain anonimenmoda? First, they appeared naskoro.Vtori, beautiful nature around butitsi.Treto decorated in Italian style, in Europe, maybe one Italy still connected with the luxury of moda.I fourth, like a big leather chair with wide armrests, tables become – this is where to put a glass of champagne, premium ice cream and other specialties.

Cinema Fashion Island fulfills all the iziskvaniya.Toy appeared in mid-December 2011 on the top floor of Fashion Island shopping center in California next to shops Gucci and Valentino.

seven screens, 115 seats and a bar where you can order pizza, salads and kafe.Predi applying the restaurant in cinema, merchants carefully studied the question, what is better – self-service or waiter? Turns out even the most -Modern places in recent years tend to look after themselves si.Parvo, democratic, and secondly, even whispers a waiter bothered to watch the movie – the very audience fit to the bar and pick up your order on a tray.

Site Cinema:

Rooftop Cinema (Melbourne, Australia)

Ticket price: 20 Australian dollars ($ 16.2)


Rooftop Cinema is located outdoors on the roof of a six-storey art-noir Curtin House building in Melbarn.Cinema starting to show in the evening at 9:30.

By the time it got dark, visitors have time to order a beer in the bar, to photograph the sunset and views of Melbourne, sit in a chair and get ready for gledane.V program – Arthouse, classical and news film industry.

Cinema seasonal labor during the summer – from November 21 to 30 mart.Vazhno to remember that night on the roof of windy and cold and warm clothes will come in handy even if you are lucky enough to beg the bartender blanket.

Site Cinema: Matrix Roofing Melbourne

Electric Cinema (London, UK)

ticket price : £ 08.15


Cinema opened in 1911, and about one hundred years, have survived two world wars, rampant request of hippies in the 1970s and became a threat to the bingo hall.

around him always legends and istorii.Nyakoi – well, so in the early 1980s, when the theater was on the brink of closing him of his hair, she struggled Audrey Hepbarn.Drugi – cooling: the end of 1940 projector Electric Cinema He is known serial killer John Reginald Halliday Christie.

Now cinema is one of the best entertainment in London.Dokato watch the film, visitors can call the waiter and ordered a cup of the best in the British capital of absinthe with olives or coffee with handmade chocolates.

addition to the usual rooms are rooms where they show movies at the choice of zritelya.Sledva be noted that the Electric cinema is very picky about his repertoire: “bearded” comedies and blockbusters here prefer historical epics and European cinema.

Site Cinema:

La Cinematheque Francaise (Paris, France)

ticket price : € 6.50


Francois Truffaut, told him in “Stolen Kisses” and Jean-Luc Godard spent within its walls all mladezhta.Vapreki this, “Cinematheque” happened elsewhere – in the Palais de Chaillot at Trocadéro, where even ran Trinity “Dreamers” Bertolucci.

Now “Cinematheque” I do not know: it is located in a modern building complex and the former American Cultural Center, designed by architect Frank Gehry.

Despite the fact that the protesters are: American aesthetics of the building and keeping with the French understanding of cinema, moving all in one myasto.Na new site, “Cinematheque” afford four rooms that it has acquired a library and museum, housed archives, posters and scenery for the movie “Metropolis” by Fritz Lang and “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” by Robert Wiene.Vhodat to the museum costs € 10 but worth it.

Site Cinema:

Sun Pictures (Broome, Australia)

ticket price : about 16 Australian dollars ($ 13)


Before 1970, the main scourge of the theater to otvoritevazduha – incidentally, the oldest in the world of all those like it! – Were navodnyavane.Ponyakoga, the audience came to the session with a fishing rod and watch the film combined with fishing in the Indian Ocean.

After the construction of protective structures situation has improved, and the cinema became, perhaps, the most fashionable area of ​​the country for kinolyubiteli.Turistite and locals gather here every night to the sound of the surf and the sound of low flying aircraft engines (to be located near the airport) to see recently released news of Hollywood.

Metal benches and chairs placed in front of the screen can accommodate about 500 zriteli.V addition, according to the Guinness Book of Records, built in 1916, Sun Pictures is the oldest outdoor cinema.

Activate movie files causes download malware

Trend Micro reports that QuickTime Player (version 7.6.6) allows movie files automatically enable downloading files and cybercriminals are taking advantage of this to download malware from malicious Web sites.

IT Journal 03/08/10 11:59:00

The threat research engineer at Trend Micro, Benson Sy, found two .MOV files (001 Dvdrip and salt dvdrpi [btjunkie] [xtrancex] .mov) using the movie Salt starring Angelina Jolie and recently released in U.S. These files are suspect because they have a relatively small size compared to the usual movies.

When the user loads the file to QuickTime movie, the player shows no scene of the film, but it takes the user to download malware pretending to be a codec upgrade or another player installation. Trend Micro is still investigating if the malware is exploiting a vulnerability or using a feature known to download other malware.

Apple’s response
Trend Micro has contacted Apple, who has said that the two .MOV files do not use a malicious program (exploit) but rely on social engineering to trick users to download malware disguised a codec film. This has no relation to the vulnerability reported by Secunia ? Therefore the main solution for this problem is to call WP malware fix service.

Chiropractic and celebrities: The best kept secret of the stars

What they have in common Lionel Messi, Madonna, Barack Obama, Rafael Nadal, Cindy Crawford, Jorge Lorenzo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dani Pedrosa, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Demi Moore, template football team AC Milan, Clint Eastwood, Richard Gere and Kim Kardashian? These are just some of many stars who chose chiropractic care as the best method to find the balance between body and mind.

Chiropractic continues to surprise the world for its many benefits and effectiveness of its results. For this reason, recognized figures as actors, musicians, artists, politicians, writers, athletes, etc., have joined millions of people worldwide who enjoy visiting chiropractor Florence SC for a healthy lifestyle .

Many of the trends that ultimately end up being a massive habit, start by being experienced by celebrities. This is what is beginning to happen with chiropractic, before a big unknown, now a great haunted.



It is probably one of the people with more responsibilities in the world and his life is a constant coming and going. Reaffirmed its support for chiropractic through a letter to US chiropractors in 2008. For Obama chiropractic care is a preventive and in accordance with the philosophy of its national health care plan:

“My health plan also gives priority to preventive care and chiropractors play important role in this effort. As we change our health system towards a culture of wellness and disease prevention, I think that chiropractors should play an integral role in expanding access to preventive care and strengthening our public health system. “

Obama continued,

“I think they should take steps to recognize the important care they provide these professionals. We have to knock down unreasonable barriers to access and discriminatory insurance coverage for Americans in need of quality chiropractic care can access it without difficulty.



Surrounding the “Wolf of Wall Street” actor had to visit a chiropractor

“I had to drag me into a car pretending to be under the influence of drugs making it extremely painful movements. So painful that led me a few visits to the chiropractor “


Usain Bolt

Fastest man in the world. Olympic gold medal in the 100 meters.

“I’ve worked hard for years. I’ve been injured and I have worked hard to recover, and I succeeded . “

Bolt uses chiropractic to recover faster after injury, but also to maximize their potential and strength when well.

“To keep up to 100%, nobody can beat me, of course.”



One of the many accompanying Madonna on tour around the world is your chiropractor because it helps relieve stress and prevent injury.

“I’m not conventional medical treatment, mainly because I feel that they treat symptoms but not the entire human system: body, mind and soul. Instead I go to a chiropractor, who works more with the energy of my body added to keep my spine aligned through the settings. Chiropractic has given me strength and health, which complement my practice of Yoga which I make daily for 27 years. “



professional surfer, eleven times winner of the world championship.

“Many therapists have helped in my career, including physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and homeopaths. I’m not much to traditional doctors except for some broken leg. I never take drugs, only my health care reading a lot about how to heal myself. “



Actor British film

I bend back often while I train, but I have a chiropractor that comes. In afew days I am again standing. “



Businesswoman, model and star of American reality show

“I have the best chiropractic appointment, I feel so relaxed, I really need.Chiropractors save lives. He had no faith in them before but now I’m addicted!



Considered one of the most important golfers of all time.

“Being a chiropractor patient has helped me a lot , ” “When I was up to my performance my back began to hurt and weakened. My chiropractor really helped me, not just fit my spine but I gave a series of strengthening exercises.If you are tall and thin like me, or play sports, I recommend chiropractic . “ ” I do not remember the first time I went to the chiropractor. For me it is as essential as practicing my swing , “he said recently.



NBA superstar. After taking some time with the avowed chiropractic care:

“Since I’m going to Quiropráctivo I have improved greatly my mental and physical performance.”

In fact, I declare that I was able to jump higher after adjusting more.



Athlete, actor and former governor of California defender Chiropractic patient for 30 years and member of “The International Chiropractic Association” since 1993.

I am very fortunate to have a doctor of chiropractic to treat me and my family. There is no better profession of chiropractic . We all feel really good after chiropractic adjustment. Even when I have any kind of sports injury, he is the first to see me. I discovered that prevention is better and go to thechiropractor before having an injury. We are a perfect team – the world of fitness and the world of chiropractic . That’s why I go where you go I will always carry the name of Chiropractic up. Doctors of Chiropractic actually do miracles and that’s wonderful to be there. “


JEAN PIERRE Meersseman

Chiropractors, Medical Director of AC Milan (Football)

“We have almost eliminated the use of drugs of all kinds.”
This year decreased by 43% the number of days lost per injury in training for those who regularly visit the chiropractor. As well as a 70% reduction administering medicines. “




“When we had our children Presley and Kaia, we took newborn chiropractic naturally adjust so that now all continue visiting our chiropractor regularly as maintenance for good health.”


Evander Holyfield

professional boxer and world champion several times

“Always I need an adjustment before entering the ring. I believe inchiropractic . I found that going to the chiropractor 3 times a week really helps my performance. “




“I brought a chiropractor to the filming of THE PATRIOT because they tidied us the column every 15 minutes.The comes every week from Los Angeles to South Carolina, and spend a week working with the entire cast. All the guys working doubles said: Please help me with my lumbar disc, it hurts here too, etc. This doctor is amazing! “.


Deepak Chopra

Medical, Indian writer and lecturer. Journalist and writer, has written about spirituality and the supposed power of the mind in medical healing.

“Chiropractors are the only professionals in health fully understand what we are talking about, Dr. Palmer (founder of chiropractic) was ahead of his time, and chiropractors have been at the forefront in the field of health, and they have a great capacity to understand the concepts as a whole. In the next decade they will be the leaders. “




“Thank God I have a great chiropractor. Haberselo would never presented to Madonna, Janet (Jackson) and Tina (Turner). Now I have to share! “


William Shatner

Actor known worldwide for his role as Captain Kirk in the series Star-Trek .

“You chiropractors are the visionaries who first practiced the science of natural healing. You are the ones that help the body to self heal. You saw this long before it was accepted by traditional medicine and public. “




“Now I’m 100% and I want to ride in the dry to check ahead of Qatar, but I’m much better than when we went to Malaysia, have been working hard with my trainer and a chiropractor. I feel ready now.”



No. 1 professional tennis player in the WTA ranking for 200 weeks.

“Chiropractic keeps me flexibility and strength during the game.”



American writer of self-help books “Power” “Change” …

“I feel more aligned with my thoughts and behaviors. I feel more focused. “



Coach and author of many bestsellers

“NSA (technique practiced by chiropractors exclusively) is the source of more powerful personal transformation that I have experienced”




Zac E

‘We Are Your Friends’ , the new Hollywood movie that will portray how the hell make you famous overnight being Melbourne DJ hire, it seems to serve only 2 things: 1) thrill in love little girls of Zac Efron (who is the protagonist) and 2) to very accurately portray the frivolity of the phenomenon of electronic music today. Yes, indeed, the trailer says perhaps naively in three minutes.

“If you’re a DJ, you just need a laptop, some talent and a track, that track is your ticket for all” … cock! It is as sad as true at the same time. And not that it is bad to be a deejay or aspire to be, but come on , this is the current mentality or target of any guy in his 20’s or less – who wants to acclimate parties or clubs like modus vivendi ? If so, you’re screwed.

What will the tape? Well, Zac Efron’s that dude who does not want to devote his life to wear a suit and tie (which is not bad) and orders from an asshole boss at a job I would not want (that itself is not good). With his friends, promote parties and gatherings where the turntables are the main attraction and somehow, Zac’s character achieved an agreement with an agent or something is in progress. The dream that arises in every film, we already realized, but now being deejay. Not bad, but we are still a bit wary.

And though possibly all end up being a huge disaster film, when in fact we would like to see a true document on the EDM we are choosing our seats at the movies or watching online in late August … you know, because it leaves Emily Ratajkowski.

Here the trailer:

Making a music channel on YouTube

Develop and maintain a successful music channel on YouTube is not easy. a lot of thought, touch and a keen sense of the wishes of the public will be required. This article will give you the necessary steps to create and run a music channel on YouTube.


Make a music channel on YouTube Step 1


Make a YouTube account and choose the correct name. So you want to promote music, huh? You should let people know that choosing the right name! Do you want to pop up? You could try PopMusic5ever, for example. Drums and bass? LiquidMelodies is good if youdecide to keep it soft!Make a music channel on YouTube Step 2
  • 2

    Choose the style of music you want to load. This is important! You can choose several genres, such as uploading or EDM genres of electronic music, uploading all types of rock music, and so on. You can also stick to a genre (like dubstep), or choose the mood of his songs, such as uploading only relaxing or stimulating music. You can also upload free lyrics, songs, movies, music ,meditation, and many others. Choose wisely!Make a music channel on YouTube Step 3
  • 3

    Choose the right images for your video. For the happy songs are adding happy, colorful images as a landscape, clouds, or whatever you want, but for atmospheric things choose darker, pale colors, like a deserted street, a forest or even black-white photos. You can add digital painted, photographed or abstract images of your videos. You can choose an image type for your channel loads, to make it more aesthetically pleasing (as a simple background with your logo in the center).
  • 4

    Often make videos and upload them to YouTube and purchase youtube views. Make good quality, HD videos, so you willattract more people. Do not leave your channel! Even if it seems you can not get more than 5 subscribers at this time later, the future of your channel will be brighter, so do not give up! Making music videos weekly or even daily. You can write a review / description in the description, such as “This song is a young Dutch talent, his ‘EP The Future’. I love it ! It will be available to buy on Beatport on 01/08/2014. Enjoy! ‘ or anything like that.Make a music channel on YouTube Step 5
  • 5

    Go up the new songs. It is not recommended to load old songs that can be found everywhere and are known to all. Upload songs that came out a couple of days, maximum a month or two before. Always provide the most current stuff!
  • 6

    Having a logo and a slogan. This is a hard step. However, having a logo as your profile picture and a motto in his description of the channel can make more professional your account, and thus gain more subscribers. The logo should be related to your name, or it can be your name in fancy lettering, you decide. A slogan is something that describes your channel, as’ The freshest music, every day! “Make a music channel on YouTube Step 7
  • 7

    Get ideas from other chargers. How are they doing? They are using? What style is your channel? You can always look for ideas.Make a music channel on YouTube Step 8
  • 8

    Give credit to the artists! Never forget to give credit in the description of the artists, so that made ​​the song and image!Make a music channel on YouTube Step 9
  • 9

    Share your videos on social networks and friends. Made a new video? Excellent! Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit …
  • 10

    Make fan pages of your channel. Your subscribers would be more than happy to your Facebook page!
  • 11

    Be patient! Much time and effort for someone to be popular as a music promoter is needed.You can see that even the most popular people had to work years on their channel. Good luck!


Top 10 films on water

If you read my other posts, maybe you’ve noticed that I usually do, occasionally, references to the seventh art. In this post, there are two of my greatest interests, water and film.

It is true that cinema, fiction or documentary, not usually treated too often the theme of water and the human being, but looking a bit (on occasion much) films are highly recommended that you should not miss.

This top 10 is divided into five documentaries and 5 fiction films without an order for quality, you tell me what you liked which more or missing.

Prepare popcorn and launch project free TV to  see the movies!


1. Tapped

Synopsis : The bottled water industry is increasingly booming, is a business on a global level is estimated at 800 billion dollars . In the United States consumption of bottled water is a big problem, 80 million bottles of water daily which 80% are not recycled are consumed (the world average is 50%). This problem is compounded by numerous cases in which companies bottlers exploit natural water sources to near exhaustion without even paying for it.

Advertising has made ​​us believe that best water softener is healthier and less dangerous than tap water, which in most cases is not true. In the United States if bottled water is produced and consumed in the same state, it is not subject to health control whatsoever on the part of the authorities, representing 60-70% of total production. The remaining part if supervised, but are limited to control water analysis provided by the bottling companies own a real blunder.

This phrase Gandhi sums it up : ” There is enough water for human need, but not for human greed ” (There is enough water for human need, but not for their greed).

Review : Dynamic, entertaining and enlightening . The only downside is that it is focused only in the United States, and you can be tempted to autoengañarte and think that this does not happen where you live while you drink your bottle of expensive and polluting “mineral” water.

2. A world without water

Synopsis : A documentary about the problems related to bad practices in the privatization of the supply of water , mainly imposed by the World Bank to developing country.

In it, a trip around the world, stopping in cities as is El Alto in Bolivia where Suez through its subsidiary, Aguas de Illimani, covers 90% of town but left without the ability to connect to 208,000 people by the high prices. The situation is so blatant that local authorities recommend the illegal connection of its inhabitants.

Something similar happened in the most populous city in Tanzania , Dar es Salaam, where public water is privatized. They increased water shortages and the price rose so abill cost ¼ of the average wage , or the known manifestations of Cochabamba (Bolivia) and repression by the government stopped fighting, wounded and died young .

But it is not only a thing of the third world, in Detroit , the economic crisis and the state of bankruptcy of the city makes many people do not have resources to pay the water bill and choose to connect illegally.

Review : A deep, poignant and especially cabreante history of human beings taking water at the doors of your house can not access it by the greed of a few on the other side of the world in collaboration with the World Bank. To enjoy this movie in high quality, please visit Movie25.

3. Flow

Synopsis: “As a bunch of corporations rob us water” . This is the caption on the movie poster and well summarized its contents. In the documentary talking about the privatization of water in many places around the world, not only distribution services but in some cases the resource itself.

It was exhibited at the United Nations headquarters to sensitize representatives of the problems related to water in the world and the need to protect the population of the economic interests of a few.

Review: It ‘s a mixture of A World Without Water and Tapped , so it touches all aspects related to the problem of water supply. A very dynamic documentary, with many different stories but with a message in common, all water is not a commodity.What is sometimes lost in depth of the stories, it gains in pace.

4. The thirst of the world

Synopsis: The director of recommended documentary Home, story of a journey, brings us this journey through man’s problems with the water around the world.

Kenya , Congo, Cambodia , Palestine, Senegal and China are some of the places you visit, discovering their problems with lack of nearby water sources, pollution and conflicts associated with it.

Aesthetically very remarkable, based his narrative on precious and striking aerial images , brand director (his documentary Home has only aerial images and the voice of the narrator). In this case too low to the ground to talk to the protagonists of these stories.

With a large budget of 10 million Euros, provided by the luxury conglomerate PPR (Gucci, Fnac, Puma, etc.), he was accused of greenwashing (a facelift) by these companies.

Review: Definitely photography and soundtrack are the strengths of this production, better watch it on a big screen if possible. With a calm (not heavy) rate is between a documentary of social criticism and one of nature .

5. Cadillac Desert: Mulholland’s Dream

Synopsis: Create your own instant city, just add water! The incredible story of transformation of the city of Los Angeles from water.

Los Angeles had nothing, not having had no water, but went from being a small town without importance in the nineteenth century the largest city in the United States by the vision he had William Mulholland, in the 1910s, of build an aqueduct across California. In this first episode of the series of four chapters, Cadillac Dessert (based on the novel of the same name) tells the incredible story of how greed, speculation, waste and lack of environmental awareness, made ​​the City of Angels what it is today and the San Fernando Valley, the largest agricultural producer in the country.

With an ever larger in the middle of a desert if city resources, the engineering turned the desert into orchard in exchange for converting those orchards from which brought water in deserts . With the testimony of descendants of William Mulholland, experts on the subject as the author of the book Cadillac Desert (Marc Reisner) or (Robert Towne) writer of the film Chinatown, set in those years and adversaries who suffered the disastrous consequences of these measures , constructed one of the most fascinating stories of transformation of a territory by water .

Review: A powerful and gripping story about how humans transformed the American Midwest radically, regardless of the dire environmental consequences. The story of how a city about greed, speculation and superb human being refounded .

Fiction Films.

Bonus track

Although I already hit my five documentaries I refuse to not point this also highlight Last Call To Oasis , on how the situation is midwestern American today and people think there over the water. In addition brings the incentive to meet the real Erin Brockovic whose movie will see later.

But as he has not entered the top 5 only I leave the fun spot starring in the documentaryJack Black an alleged result of bottled water purifying sewage , Porcelaine Springs Will you would drink?

6. Chinatown

Synopsis: Los Angeles, 1937. specialized in divorce detective JJ Gittes (Jack Nicholson) receives the visit woman superintendent of the water service in the city, Mulwray, stop to investigate infidelity. After jumping the scandal lso newspapers, a woman comes into his office and reveals a story that will take you to dive into the game ambitions and power that lies behind the water in the city of Los Angeles .

Review: A classic black cinema with eleven Oscar nominations of people who only got one. It is situated on the first growing season and water speculation Los Angeles but only inspired by her, almost in no time showing events or real characters (only comment briefly breaking of the dam The Francisquito). If you have the opportunity to read the book Cadillac Dessert (Mark Reisner) or view based on the documentary (Cadillac Desert: Mulholland’s dream), you will understand better certain details that the film does not explain, if not even have a good film of black cinema .

Curiosity: In principle the film was to be called Water and Power , name of water service in the city and reflects very well the power games around water, but ultimately chose to Chinatown, I guess loudness, as neither It takes place in that neighborhood (except a small scene) and hardly has any relation to the plot.

7. Civil Action

Synopsis : In the small town of Wobum, Massachusetts, eight families suffer death from leukemia of his sons and two large corporations accused of dumping waste and polluting the water from their wells . Jan Schlichtmann (John Travolta), injury lawyer, will take over the case and try to help families obtain justice.

Review : Movie a good script and great actors , especially Robert Duvall, nominated for an Oscar for this role, but that does not stop being round (perhaps by the protagonist). A film research and classical, judgments sober and somber .

8. Erin Brockovich

Synopsis : Erin Bockovic is a single mother with two children who survive can work as work. Get an administrative position in a small law firm though his personality and the way they dress not fit too in that world. Without studying law and no one would charge, is the case some clients suffering many suspicious diseases that seem to be related to the water they drink, and discovering a large court case .

Review : Not Another film judgments to begin the protagonist is not a lawyer (or likes too). How to be outgoing and colorful, and sometimes provocative attire of the protagonist, give the counterpoint to the drama of families, not dropping it in a dark and gloomy atmosphere. Although falls in almost all topics, it is a very entertaining movie .

9. Even the Rain

Synopsis : Sebastian (Gael García Bernal) and Costa (Luis Tosar) is the director and producer of a film about Columbus and the discovery of America , which seeks todemystify the figure, portraying him as an ambitious and unscrupulous person. To cut costs decide to travel to Bolivia, the poorest country in South America and roll in Cochabamba. In 2000 the Bolivian government privatized the water service in the city, which caused big protests and harsh repression in what was called Bolivian Water War. All equipment is fully immersed in the conflict that 500 years after the indigenous people still face the money, power and greed, this time by the water.

Critique : The film grows in a first part focuses more on the set, its complexities and problems, until conflict erupts and all these problems are swept away by the harsh reality of a poor people fighting for their life, water in a last part intense and revealing .

10. Range

Synopsis : Range is a lonely chameleon who wants to be an actor and just accidentallylost in the Mohave Desert . When it reaches the thirsty people of Dirt, he decides to play the role of Sheriff, but realizes that acting is one thing and real life is another. He will face the mysterious disappearance of water from the village and discover the conspiracy that lies behind so understanding the vital importance of water .

Review : It is perhaps the most complete film on the water there . They talk about their value for life but also of the power games there around it. His character animation, directed especially children, lacks some depth , but is a good start for future generations begin to value water. When will a range for adults?

The benefits of music in pregnancy

The benefits of music on infants and children are amply demonstrated. Know how, and during pregnancy, you can stimulate your baby with music.

 The baby, from the 20th week of pregnancy can already hear. Therefore, although the small still can not understand the words his mother says, you should speak, as does capture the musicality, tone and feeling that the mother puts in the words dedicated to him.

However, words are not the only means that mom has to communicate with the future baby. Music also allows the child tocapture the mood of his mother and spread their welfare. What is more, some scientific studies claim that baby can remember until he has heard melodies while he was in the belly of her mother.

Listening to music during pregnancy has many benefits for both mother and baby stimulates heart rate in the fetus and the production of endorphins in the mother. Through ear, music acts on the whole human being, launching vibrational resonances that activate million brain cells, promoting brain development.

What kind of music is best during pregnancy?
After studying for years the reactions of the fetus in relation to music , the English researcher from Society for gynceologist nyc – Michele Clements concluded that the sharp Baroque music, especially harmonic sounds and Vivaldi and Mozart, calm and relax the child.

The findings of Clements confirmed with investigations by Don Campbell, author of Mozart Effect , which relate the experiments showing how the music of the Austrian composer and, in general, baroque music, stimulate new connections of neurons in the brains of children, because they are rich in symmetries and recurring patterns that manage to develop both the right and the left hemisphere, completing their duties.

Its rhythms and melodies also stimulate creativity and specialized areas of the brain in favor motivation.

Bookkeeping tips for music businesses

If you want to make a living as an artist, you have to be as smart as any businessman in a meeting. Look at these 10 tips on how to be an entrepreneur musician.


Most people hear terms like “film industry” or “music industry” or “xero bookkeeper brisbane” and only fixed in the second half. To succeed in business, in any business, you have to be a skilled negotiator. If you want to make a living as an artist, you have to be as smart as any businessman in a meeting, or at least smart enough to have hired the most skilled person in the room.

If you had initiated any other business without an accountant or lawyer to guide you, you would regard as an unconscious;however, in the art world, you look so if you start with them. This is a great incongruity, and you should focus your career from a more logical view. Many great artists lost everything in a bad business decisions. Most successful artists reap their greatest success after understanding the business side of his art, and put everything in order before the next opportunity.Unfortunately, most artists “indie” or beginners seeking to better themselves alone with his art, and the part of business can be hard, making them feel exhausted.

Beginning myself as an artist indie. I worked hard, I had some luck and my accomplishments led me to be a director of many successful artists and companies. While I used to that, I found a lot of repetitive problems. Here are ten tips to help you manage your business properly. Follow them with the same passion that you put into your art, and come out ahead.

1. Start with a mission statement and a business plan

A passionate project will be contagious to everyone who is sensitive to that passion, but, at some point, if you want to make a living with your art, you have to work it like a business. Start by writing a mission or statement of principles that you remember the passion you want to share, and help others to align themselves with your cause. Having a business plan about also will help you focus on the operations of the day and what you need to do to earn money to live that passion and feeding.

2. Analyze what it will take to be profitable

I am able to calculate your expenses, knowing how much you have to sell to cover your costs, and make sure your profit margin is normal.

Many artists are guided by the average price to sell a product, while others are unrealistic with the value of the product.Others, especially musicians and comedians who spend a lot of time on the road, begin to collect what they can get by selling multiple products after a show. This is where knowing the limits of your business plan, which has been the result of good work of observation, will help you live under normal conditions of a business, and, tante, be able to make your art is your way of lifetime.

Take the following example of an indie musician. Sell ​​a CD after a show for $ 10 is normal, while asking for $ 30 makes it less likely sales at the point of sale as people leave the room. Getting a good agreement with the recording studio, or produce your music at home will allow you to keep costs down and transferring savings. If someone has the face of “Let’s make a deal,” entoces be a good seller, “I see you’re a real fan and want to share my music, and I like to help, so I can give you a card digital download for $ 5 and even you the I dedicate “the last time we ordered download cards got a very good deal, so we expand our chances of getting benefits at concerts. You can satisfy your fans and meet your financial goals; you simply have to be streetwise.

Nor should you forget to do your expense sheets, they must be for all, not just your business costs, but for your life. If this will be your job, you also need to pay life. Consider your daily expenses and savings so you know how much it will cost your business to profit. Most indie artists calculate what it will cost to run your business (or just make a living as artists), but in a normal working situation, you look at your paycheck. Consider yourself an employee of your own business. You feel like enough to pay your bills, save money and go on vacation? Your company a profit does not mean you finance: if you need to live your art, make sure your salary and your living standards are included in the business plan. As my own CEO, I’m guilty of paying me very little. If you were working for someone else and I should pay so little, I would. Put yourself in position to love your business, and pay yourself a correct salary so that you do not want to leave.

3. Autofinánciate if you can

With modern technology, most artists can start with few expenses. Many have the basic equipment for his artistic activity. My wife produced an album in the living room that became eligible for the list of Grammy; with the right equipment and a decent computer, art is much more accessible to the indie market.

Borrowing is a normal way to start a business, but back loans with interest can choke a small business, and is one of the main reasons why small businesses fail. Prepare for success and at the same time controlling your destiny without investors trying to push your art.

If you need more money for hours of study or a movie, do it as a good businessman. Get many quotes from different parts.There are many kinds of investors and banking options at your fingertips. I would suggest asking for advice to an investor.They can guide you in the right direction. Other artists who in the past have had to borrow can also advise you. If in doubt, ask someone you know and you trust; many people are willing to offer advice. Once I asked for help with my business plan to an MBA student; he had to make a business plan as classwork, so it was a task that had to do anyway, and we both benefit from it. The Small Business Administration is a free resource that retired entrepreneurs are funded by the government to give advice to small businesses at zero cost, and are in all major cities.

4. Limit your risk

A new business is a risk, as is every new adventure. Treat your new album, film or art exhibition as a new expansion of your business. Never grow beyond your means and your model of success. If you do it right, you do not invest all your time and money on something that would have made little or slow growth in the past. A situation I’ve seen too often is: a musician has some success on tour and sales of their independent CD, then go into the studio and spends all his money on quality production, and their fans say who he has lost freshness and sounds “over-produced”, and suddenly that artist is indebted above its possibilities and does not have an extra capital.

In a small business, many problems come from the rapid expansion, or the company wanting to go too far. If your success comes to make a CD of $ 2000 in your house, sell CDs at $ 10 and drive to bowling, do not make a CD of $ 20,000, go to some concert tickets and try to sell CDs at $ 15; this would be enough to break your business model.

Integra each new initiative as a branch of the core business. Keep you and your business safe; recalls that a musician can not play if your instruments are embargoed. Movie studios make every movie a separate company and then distributed. It helps limit the debt of the business and ensures that if an initiative does not benefit, not drag the rest of the business. Logic grows, expand yourself as space, and make sure your business is protected by insurance. Never let your debt exceeds the total value of your business and everything will be fine. A company like Apple does not come out and made a million iPhones unless they know it will sell. The artists, especially my filmmakers companions, like to go out and make a film for a million dollars, not knowing who your market and which dealer will pay how much for which markets (to the phrase sounds complicated, but that’s why so you need a business person doing your business plan and keeping you protected).

5. Simple Principles

This brings us to the next point: start slowly. Every artist wants an immediate success, but a fan base takes time to grow. If you spend it all on a project, you may find yourself stuck with a pile of boxes of product. Most of the time, artists need time to grow, not only artistically and stylistically, but on the business side. Never overdo beyond your financial and emotional means. I have seen many comics in particular that have become famous too fast and have an emotional wallop and have left. A business plan will help you to not exceed your financial limits and help you emotionally prepare for success because you see things as an expected result. If the new Apple iPhone becomes the best selling phone, comes within expectations, and does not cause a shock. Similarly, if Janet Jackson had a problem with her dress the day before his new album went on sale, did not pose a stroke, was scheduled to come out in the news and that their new album was a “breast-seller “(breast = chest, have you seen what pun?). A plan lets you know what to expect so simple.

6. Put everything in writing

Most family businesses have a very personal atmosphere, and the same goes for the artists. Personally know a booker makes it seem logical to arrange a tour by phone. But enough bad bolo to leave out a lot of indie musicians and comedians.A small discrepancy about who pays movements can end with an artist. Everything is clear by putting it in writing will keep you safe. A quote I used to have on my desk saved me many times: “A contract helps preserve friendship on which a relationship is based.” My wife is one of the best lawyers in the entertainment industry and, unfortunately, is something that happens every day hear of small misunderstandings that lead to a demand side. If you have more than this, remember, a lawsuit can sink a small business or an artist, so I put everything in writing.

If you are an artist of any kind, the most important thing to put in writing is the intellectual property of your work. I personally know a musician who played a song live for years and even sold his CD with that song, and, moreover, got that song came out in a movie, anything to get her steal the song the same producer who made the CD , who gave a famous artist who took her to the top of the charts, without my friend received a penny or her name appeared in the credits! Unfortunately he never registered the copyright and therefore had no legal basis on which to stand. Make sure all your work is protected in writing.

One last point: do not just put it in writing, understands well that you put in writing. TLC sold over 10 million records and still had $ 200,000 of debt. They were incredible breaking records, barriers and hearts; but his contract trashed his bank account.

7. Be Competitive

Be at the forefront. The artists are blessed that good ideas flow, and most businesses would kill for such a talent. Many indie artists I know remain creative in their art, but that’s the same in his business side. Stay current with the latest technologies to modernize the production of your art and even day to day operations like accounting. Small details can make a big difference; for example technologies in the production of films now allow smaller teams 15 years ago. Now you can use an external accounting service to pay bills and payroll instead of having a full-time accountant. You can live in a cheaper place thanks to remote concerts with platforms like Stage-it. A friend of ours, Shannon Curtis, is making more money with private concerts in houses that playing in traditional theaters in Los Angeles; the business has changed, and she was acutely how to take advantage of the trend, with their fan base and their music style in mind. Competitive advantages brought him and now even earn money teaching others how to do musicians. The phrase “do not let your usual work” has different meanings: if you have some success, go ahead! Resting on the laurels of fame achieved is not what made you famous in his day; keep that competitive spirit that led you to where you are and still working. Small businesses that do not remain competitive in their market will be less.

8. yourself with the right equipment

Staying competitive means you’ll need to hire people. An emerging artist needs a lot of things, including production quality audio, video clips, photos, album design, press releases, and more. Hire the most qualified people you can afford, and make sure they are aligned with your mission. Find another artist that can connect yield better results than simply hiring a good coach. It may take time, but do not get to the first person who offers a good deal. If you do not fit well, the final product will not respond to your mission, and soon, your artistic vision that defines you, will be lost, and as a result start to lose fans.Many artists take what they can, this is not the way to run a business and will lead to failure. A small business does not make an announcement because a fan offered to do it for free. If you are serious about advertising and marketing, make sure it is done according to your business plan and your mission. You can get lucky and get a video clip or movie trailer of your free time to time, but many small businesses do worse for having bad ads and commercials. Your art and image must be protected.

On the other hand, it hires the manager, agent, accountant and lawyer appropriate. Make sure you have similar customers and understand what you do. Do not hire a lawyer who handles car accidents, but a lawyer who understands show business and contracts need sector. A lawyer and an accountant are two professional services that can not only save you money in the long run, but save your business. Ask them to read your business plan and your mission statement and explain how they could help you achieve your goals. Find the best film student to make a video with you, or ask a teacher to join you with his best film estudicante for the next round of projects. This will lead to better results than hiring the cheapest person in the yellow pages.

Whatever it is you need, get yourself the best you can get; do you take the time to ensure business success. The artists who are at the top got where they are doing exactly that.

9. The appropriate rules for the proper equipment

In business, if someone works exclusively for you full time, it’s your employee. There in the art world a lot of temporary jobs that are usually for temporary staff. They are for people who do specific jobs for a limited time. Anda carefully. You should not have legal problems for declaring that your business has no employees when you have people working full time just for you and your orders. Save yourself time, money and a possible fine being aware that if someone works for you full time and exclusively can be legally considered your employee. If you have an accountant or lawyer can guide you on these issues.Having a professional team or service properly manage your business in the long run can save you headaches, and keeps you focused on your artistic work.

Trying to save money by hiring suppliers separately could cost you more in the long run if you do not properly. Small businesses have to hire people and have to follow the rules; this is no different for artists. I see this as one of the biggest obstacles to business growth of an artist. I think this is the point where the artist realizes that it is a business, and frightened.As your business grows, so does the need to look like a traditional business. Pass bowling alone, where you only get paid, to a real business model, with payroll, bills and things like that often frightens the solitary artist. This brings us back to the subject of the business plan and expectations about how much and how to grow, and if you have the right equipment, they will make the transition from indie large company easier. Remember, business has rules and laws, and the right equipment the know.

10. Be professional

It might sound weird even have to mention this, but it is essential. When you go to a company, you expect a level of professionalism. If you go out to eat, you expect to follow the laws of Health, which treat you well, and you get the right price for what they offer. Many artists are eccentric and forget to be professional. Artists who have a solid business and get along well with others get more gigs. Any circle in which you’re small, and people talk. Word of mouth can help or sink. A booker told me once,

“I heard that always go with the house on his back and punctual you are.”

I said, “Always.”

He said, “I will hire whenever you want!”

I asked “Have you seen my show?”

“No,” he replied, “but I think you do not understand what the job of a booker”.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Hiring artists who are professionals that help my business, nothing more and nothing less.”

We had a great working relationship for years, he even gave a name to cheesburger from one of my comic characters. If you ever visit the HaHa Cafe in North Hollywood, calls for the Cheesburger Uncle Clyde, and will taste the sweet taste of professionalism.

In short, the reputation of a business will succeed or fail, so try your business to pay the bills on time, be on time, and do what is necessary to maintain a good reputation. This will be more durable than the highs and lows of fame, and maybe if you’re lucky, you get to name a hamburger.

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