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8 Of The World’s Most Remarkable Theaters


Watch HD Movies look better on the beach in the open, on the other – in medieval fortresses, others go well with beer on the top floor of the showroom.

Today most profitable cinemas – those in which viewers do not see a movie fanatic, but ordinary people who want to have fun and appreciate the free communication, quality food and pleasant interior.

Odeon (Florence, Italy)

Ticket price: € 5.50, at weekends – € 7.50


A small cinema in Italy are closed, but Odeon in crisis feel confident However, the owners of the media group under the auspices of holding RTI Mediaset Silvio Berlusconi and 21 partners, shareholders whose Alessandro Benetton, thought he could afford .

Cinema is located in a stone building of the XV century Palazzo case Strozzino, once belonged to the family Strozzi – the richest and most influential people of Florentsiya.Sled World War I, in 1920, in the former palace of architect Marcello Piacentini destroyed walls 121 room creating a common

Space – circular hall with a stage on which stood a movie screen.interior reconstruction hardly affected: Hall still adorn tapestries, crystal chandeliers, marble columns and original sculptures Renesansa.Na every 45 minutes, wasting film session and declare a pause to talkative Italian viewers could discuss the plot of the film, and at the same time to consider in the light of the design space.

Site Cinema:

Korsoer Biograf Theatre, (Korsor, Denmark)

ticket price : 55 DKK ($ 9,5)


Korsoer Biograf Theatre opened January 30, 1907 in Red Hall Hotel Korsør, and today is the center of entertainment, where in addition to films performances, concerts and comedy performances.

Three years ago, the owners have visited the theater Polish city of Szczecin to Pioneer – according to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest theater in sveta.Razbira is vintage wooden interior and red upholstered chairs impressed by the Danes, but most of them struck by the fact that their own theater over the champion of the year.

returning to their homeland, they restored fairness: Guinness Book of Records provided all documents and confirm their status as the first theater in world.But other oldest theaters not hurt online Korsoer Biograf Theatre had links to websites to Pioneer or Lumiere in Pisa.

Site Cinema: Theater (Orfild, USA)

Shankweiler of

ticket price : $ 9


One of the oldest cinemas American car can be seen in the movie “Twister” and “The Shining” with Jack Nicholson in the main rolya.Temi the film are defined as in the provincial town American, cinema and car appeared in them at best way to demonstrate a simple and easy life of Americans from the country: in such places road and cinemas still exist.

the territory Theatre Shankweiler is a classic snack of popcorn, pretzels, donuts and Coca-kola.Zvukat film is 90,7 FM frequency, but if the car is not equipped with a radio, then when entering the territory issued special stereopriёmnik.Prez April , May and September cinema works only on Saturday and Sunday, but summer movies are shown every day.

Site Cinema:

Fashion Island (Newport Beach, United States)

ticket price : from $ 13.50


What should be the film to remain anonimenmoda? First, they appeared naskoro.Vtori, beautiful nature around butitsi.Treto decorated in Italian style, in Europe, maybe one Italy still connected with the luxury of moda.I fourth, like a big leather chair with wide armrests, tables become – this is where to put a glass of champagne, premium ice cream and other specialties.

Cinema Fashion Island fulfills all the iziskvaniya.Toy appeared in mid-December 2011 on the top floor of Fashion Island shopping center in California next to shops Gucci and Valentino.

seven screens, 115 seats and a bar where you can order pizza, salads and kafe.Predi applying the restaurant in cinema, merchants carefully studied the question, what is better – self-service or waiter? Turns out even the most -Modern places in recent years tend to look after themselves si.Parvo, democratic, and secondly, even whispers a waiter bothered to watch the movie – the very audience fit to the bar and pick up your order on a tray.

Site Cinema:

Rooftop Cinema (Melbourne, Australia)

Ticket price: 20 Australian dollars ($ 16.2)


Rooftop Cinema is located outdoors on the roof of a six-storey art-noir Curtin House building in Melbarn.Cinema starting to show in the evening at 9:30.

By the time it got dark, visitors have time to order a beer in the bar, to photograph the sunset and views of Melbourne, sit in a chair and get ready for gledane.V program – Arthouse, classical and news film industry.

Cinema seasonal labor during the summer – from November 21 to 30 mart.Vazhno to remember that night on the roof of windy and cold and warm clothes will come in handy even if you are lucky enough to beg the bartender blanket.

Site Cinema: Matrix Roofing Melbourne

Electric Cinema (London, UK)

ticket price : £ 08.15


Cinema opened in 1911, and about one hundred years, have survived two world wars, rampant request of hippies in the 1970s and became a threat to the bingo hall.

around him always legends and istorii.Nyakoi – well, so in the early 1980s, when the theater was on the brink of closing him of his hair, she struggled Audrey Hepbarn.Drugi – cooling: the end of 1940 projector Electric Cinema He is known serial killer John Reginald Halliday Christie.

Now cinema is one of the best entertainment in London.Dokato watch the film, visitors can call the waiter and ordered a cup of the best in the British capital of absinthe with olives or coffee with handmade chocolates.

addition to the usual rooms are rooms where they show movies at the choice of zritelya.Sledva be noted that the Electric cinema is very picky about his repertoire: “bearded” comedies and blockbusters here prefer historical epics and European cinema.

Site Cinema:

La Cinematheque Francaise (Paris, France)

ticket price : € 6.50


Francois Truffaut, told him in “Stolen Kisses” and Jean-Luc Godard spent within its walls all mladezhta.Vapreki this, “Cinematheque” happened elsewhere – in the Palais de Chaillot at Trocadéro, where even ran Trinity “Dreamers” Bertolucci.

Now “Cinematheque” I do not know: it is located in a modern building complex and the former American Cultural Center, designed by architect Frank Gehry.

Despite the fact that the protesters are: American aesthetics of the building and keeping with the French understanding of cinema, moving all in one myasto.Na new site, “Cinematheque” afford four rooms that it has acquired a library and museum, housed archives, posters and scenery for the movie “Metropolis” by Fritz Lang and “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” by Robert Wiene.Vhodat to the museum costs € 10 but worth it.

Site Cinema:

Sun Pictures (Broome, Australia)

ticket price : about 16 Australian dollars ($ 13)


Before 1970, the main scourge of the theater to otvoritevazduha – incidentally, the oldest in the world of all those like it! – Were navodnyavane.Ponyakoga, the audience came to the session with a fishing rod and watch the film combined with fishing in the Indian Ocean.

After the construction of protective structures situation has improved, and the cinema became, perhaps, the most fashionable area of ​​the country for kinolyubiteli.Turistite and locals gather here every night to the sound of the surf and the sound of low flying aircraft engines (to be located near the airport) to see recently released news of Hollywood.

Metal benches and chairs placed in front of the screen can accommodate about 500 zriteli.V addition, according to the Guinness Book of Records, built in 1916, Sun Pictures is the oldest outdoor cinema.

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