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Activate movie files causes download malware

Trend Micro reports that QuickTime Player (version 7.6.6) allows movie files automatically enable downloading files and cybercriminals are taking advantage of this to download malware from malicious Web sites.

IT Journal 03/08/10 11:59:00

The threat research engineer at Trend Micro, Benson Sy, found two .MOV files (001 Dvdrip and salt dvdrpi [btjunkie] [xtrancex] .mov) using the movie Salt starring Angelina Jolie and recently released in U.S. These files are suspect because they have a relatively small size compared to the usual movies.

When the user loads the file to QuickTime movie, the player shows no scene of the film, but it takes the user to download malware pretending to be a codec upgrade or another player installation. Trend Micro is still investigating if the malware is exploiting a vulnerability or using a feature known to download other malware.

Apple’s response
Trend Micro has contacted Apple, who has said that the two .MOV files do not use a malicious program (exploit) but rely on social engineering to trick users to download malware disguised a codec film. This has no relation to the vulnerability reported by Secunia ? Therefore the main solution for this problem is to call WP malware fix service.

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