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Dogs also go to the theater in Madrid

The dogs have gone to the theater this Sunday in Madrid. At least in the theater hall La Usina, which in the afternoon session has allowed the public to enjoy with their pets a representation of the play “Rehearsal of a farewell”.

The movement “dog friendly” is leaving behind the signs with a dog crossed with a cross because the relationship between humans and dogs is increasingly close, and they want to enjoy all the moments together.

A group of companies called “SmartDog” have as common denominator to offer “an alternative of socialization and coexistence in harmony” with the pets, assuming the responsibility of having a dog.

Some of the companies attached to this movement are Inditex, Vodafone or Repsol, which allow its workers and customers to go to their headquarters in a canine company.

Educated dogs are getting better received in bars, shops or art galleries, and the “next step” was the theater.

SmartDog manager, Coral Sangil, explained to Efe that this Sunday’s theater performance is about a pilot project, with a maximum of six dogs, to verify that “coexistence is possible”.

The work “Rehearsal of a Farewell” by the company Almanema has been adapted “minimally” to “not create startles and loud noises” so as not to scare the dogs, Sangil said.

Teo, Mari Puri, Panda, Pancho, Lana and Cronos have been the most special assistants of the play who, for forty-five minutes, have suppressed some drowned bark, but have broken off with their masters in the clapping applause.

“It has been a great experience,” said the owner of Lana and said that his dog “has been attentive throughout the work.”

Having a dog is not just a whim, but also an obligation of responsibility, self-learning and perseverance. Do not be carried away by immediate decisions.

According to data from the Affinity Foundation, in the year 2014 were collected by the protectors in Spain more than 140,000 dogs and cats, most of them abandoned by economic factors, unwanted layers or bad behavior of the animal.

But also the loss of interest in the chosen mascot is a cause of abandonment in 9% of cases, the same percentage that is detected at the end of the hunting season, adds Affinity in a study on the characteristics of abandonment in 2014.

Sangil assures Efe that “it is a long time” for Spain to become a European country, in relation to the possession of medium dogs, where it is “much better adapted and integrated” in society and owners are “aware of their responsibilities.”

Likewise, he has criticized that in Spain “a dog training course is not compulsory as happens in France”.

In Spain, since 2012, there is a bible dog: SrPerro. Created by the journalist Micaela de la Maza, it serves as a “guide for urban animals” and collects the addresses of the sites where dogs are allowed to enter.

Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia, are some of the cities with more local registered in SrPerro.

All the locals that have the sticker “Good dogs, welcome”, with the drawing of Cole, the chucho-schnauzer of Micaela and who has traveled throughout Spain to create this guide, allow the entrance of canine friends.

“He who has not had a dog does not know what it is to love and be loved,” said the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, so that all those who have not felt the love of a dog, will not understand the need of their owners to enjoy each Time with your pets.

Be responsible, adopt one and you will understand.

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