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Making a music channel on YouTube

Develop and maintain a successful music channel on YouTube is not easy. a lot of thought, touch and a keen sense of the wishes of the public will be required. This article will give you the necessary steps to create and run a music channel on YouTube.


Make a music channel on YouTube Step 1


Make a YouTube account and choose the correct name. So you want to promote music, huh? You should let people know that choosing the right name! Do you want to pop up? You could try PopMusic5ever, for example. Drums and bass? LiquidMelodies is good if youdecide to keep it soft!Make a music channel on YouTube Step 2
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    Choose the style of music you want to load. This is important! You can choose several genres, such as uploading or EDM genres of electronic music, uploading all types of rock music, and so on. You can also stick to a genre (like dubstep), or choose the mood of his songs, such as uploading only relaxing or stimulating music. You can also upload free lyrics, songs, movies, music ,meditation, and many others. Choose wisely!Make a music channel on YouTube Step 3
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    Choose the right images for your video. For the happy songs are adding happy, colorful images as a landscape, clouds, or whatever you want, but for atmospheric things choose darker, pale colors, like a deserted street, a forest or even black-white photos. You can add digital painted, photographed or abstract images of your videos. You can choose an image type for your channel loads, to make it more aesthetically pleasing (as a simple background with your logo in the center).
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    Often make videos and upload them to YouTube and purchase youtube views. Make good quality, HD videos, so you willattract more people. Do not leave your channel! Even if it seems you can not get more than 5 subscribers at this time later, the future of your channel will be brighter, so do not give up! Making music videos weekly or even daily. You can write a review / description in the description, such as “This song is a young Dutch talent, his ‘EP The Future’. I love it ! It will be available to buy on Beatport on 01/08/2014. Enjoy! ‘ or anything like that.Make a music channel on YouTube Step 5
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    Go up the new songs. It is not recommended to load old songs that can be found everywhere and are known to all. Upload songs that came out a couple of days, maximum a month or two before. Always provide the most current stuff!
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    Having a logo and a slogan. This is a hard step. However, having a logo as your profile picture and a motto in his description of the channel can make more professional your account, and thus gain more subscribers. The logo should be related to your name, or it can be your name in fancy lettering, you decide. A slogan is something that describes your channel, as’ The freshest music, every day! “Make a music channel on YouTube Step 7
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    Get ideas from other chargers. How are they doing? They are using? What style is your channel? You can always look for ideas.Make a music channel on YouTube Step 8
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    Give credit to the artists! Never forget to give credit in the description of the artists, so that made ​​the song and image!Make a music channel on YouTube Step 9
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    Share your videos on social networks and friends. Made a new video? Excellent! Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit …
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    Make fan pages of your channel. Your subscribers would be more than happy to your Facebook page!
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    Be patient! Much time and effort for someone to be popular as a music promoter is needed.You can see that even the most popular people had to work years on their channel. Good luck!


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