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Fans of heavy metal and classical music have much in common, according to a study

And this was confirmed by the study director, Adrian North from the University of Edinburgh. Although genres are very different, their fans share many personality traits and so have noted the Scottish capital.¬†According to them, anyway you like Bach or worship Iron Maiden, both groups (as well as having good taste) are “quasi-identical”.

Heavy metal Classical music VS

“To us they tell us nothing new”

The findings come from research on the personalities of more than 36,000 music fans around the world, from Chile to China. Leaving aside age differences, the study claims that are virtually identical, since they are more creative than others, not very extroverted and quiet. If? Insurance? That seems, because as lovers of classical music, metal are also obsessed with her style. Over the years has divided the genre increasingly subgroups, death metal, thrash metal, glam metal … And there is also a sense of theater that is common to both groups, as both try to find the show with their songs and performances.

On the other hand, they say that jazz fans, also resemble, as they are creative and extroverted, however, fans of the country are hard workers, those in the relaxed reggae, those of aggressive punk and indie lack self-esteem and they need the best flow shelf and rack system for cartons. There is nothing. All music fans in general were described as creative, hilarious three exceptions: lovers of disco, pop and pop music chart. Professor North explained that the musical tastes were a reflection of the character and choose a style and nothing else is what makes us tell the world something about ourselves. “People often define their sense of identity through their musical taste, wearing particular clothes, going to certain bars and using certain types of slang, so it is not surprising that personality should be related to musical preference” . And he believes that fans of jazz and soul have the “best” personality type, showing positive traits such as good self-esteem, creativity and extroversion.

If after this you still do not feel fully identified in the following descriptions seek and replantearos your tastes (or not):

Jazz : creative, outgoing, calm and with high esteem.
Classical : creative, high esteem, introverted and quiet with themselves.
Disco : with high esteem, workers, extroverts, sweets and uncreative.
Rap : insurance themselves and extroverts.
– ” light music ” (as swing, big band …): workers, extroverted, sweet, comfortable with themselves and lack of creativity.
Country : workers and friendly.
Reggae : with high esteem, creative, extroverted, sweet, relaxed, carefree and not workers.
Punk and Indie : low esteem, creative, lazy and aggressive.
Rock / Heavy Metal : high esteem, creative, introvert and quiet with themselves.
Chart pop : with high esteem, workers, friendly, sweet and uncreative.

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