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Photographic cabins to record the good moments in theatre

Memories. The HD webcams, together with the photographic printers, revitalized the segment of the booths for events. How they work today.

Thanks to the improvement in the quality and the lowering of the costs of the image and printing devices, the photo booths sydney, which are often seen in public places of high tourist traffic and which today have become portable, Install them in halls of celebrations and events of all type.

A local development

Eduardo Peiró is an entrepreneur from Cordoba who designed a model of photo booths that he now sells and rents for events. Consulted by Tendencias, Peiró says that “before, for cameras, modified Polaroid instant cameras or reflex cameras were used, which can be controlled remotely via cables. However, the current trend is that the booths can also record videos and messages, and with those cameras that is not possible. From there, he explains how he came to develop his own product: “Now that there are 3 or 4 megapixel HD webcams, the software has been modified to integrate this type of cameras; For example, we use the Logitech C920, which gives you the ability to do autofocus, video recording and also has a microphone of its own.

Regarding the software needed for this type of application, Peiró reports: “For PandaCam we developed software and acquired two US programs that allow you to integrate a chroma key (green or blue background), to replace it for whatever you want.”Another technological detail of the cabins is that to shoot the catches use Arcade buttons (those that use the electronic games of chips), since they have high durability and resistance and they are connected to the USB of the computer through an interface adapter.

As for lighting, “while using LED flashes, as do professional cameramen, the tendency is to light the cabin with low-energy cold lights, as they produce a bath of light similar to that of a television studio” , Says Peiró.

The impression, a dilemma

There are printers designed specifically for this application (such as the HiTi brand) but, in Peiró’s opinion, today they are “incomprable” from the country. These are thermal printers to 4 colors that are handled with paper rolls and in 20 seconds they deliver the printed image, dry and without borders. “Here, we have replaced them with photographic inkjet printers or printers with continuous system like Epson L210, with matte presentation paper, and we obtain an excellent result”, affirms the entrepreneur.

The social booth

A differential element of these new times is that the same booths now offer the possibility of sharing on Facebook the photos that were taken and printed during the event, which multiplies the impact of the action. “In the case of PandaCam, an event album is created on your Facebook page; This way we got to have 21 thousand visualizations of photos of events that we attended, 2000 ‘I like’ and comments. We have measured that publishing this type of content on Facebook has 10 times more impact than another type of content institutional dye, “ends Peiró.


Rental of booths for an event, for 90 minutes of use, from: $ 2,000

Cabins can be purchased from: $ 45,000

From Rosario

Ramiro Fabris, a Rosary entrepreneur, designed PhotoClub, booths that go one step further. In addition to taking snapshots in the place where they are located, they also allow to print the images that have been captured with the cell phone or the user has uploaded to social networks. The difference of these cabins is that they can be installed in public places and receive payment for the service, since they incorporate a ticket identifier.

The VOS booth in Cosquín Rock

In the VIP space of Cosquín Rock, the cabin of VOS and The Voice of the Interior was one of the favorite entertainments.

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