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Politicians play vacuuming with the Band


I’m sure that they will have passed many times at home, but from now on they will do it with more rhythm and more rhythm. Playing the GoSu vacuum cleaner as if it were a musical instrument in the company of the Pontevedra Music Band was a unique and unrepeatable experience for Miguel Anxo Fernández Lores, Antón Louro and Jacobo Moreira. The three local politicians went up yesterday to the Stage of the Main Theater, along with the writer Fina Casalderrey, to participate in the interpretation of one of the themes of the Christmas concert that offered the musical formation. The chosen piece was Grand Grand Overture, by Malcolm Arnold, British composer as classic as versatile, author of the soundtrack of The Bridge on the River Kwai, for which he won an Oscar in 1957. The overture that was heard yesterday in the Main Composed it a year earlier, in 1956,

Lores, Louro, Moreira and Casalderrey joined the formation, each with their vacuum cleaner, and followed the instructions of the director, Juan Lois Diéguez, turning them on and off to the beat of the music played by the rest of the performers. A week ago they had made a previous test and according to Adrián Silva, spokesman of the BMP, there already was seen that they were not given anything bad. After this special intervention, in which they easily connected with the public, the concert continued normally with waltzes and other Christmas themes of Strauss, Anderson and Hellmesberger, among others. But the surprises did not end there. When arriving at the sixth work of the program, Champagne Polka, of Johann Strauss, in the scene one uncorked a bottle of champagne, followed by a toast for the new year.

2013 ends with music and 2014 will start with music. Tomorrow, at 19 hours, the Pazo da Cultura will host the Concert Aninovo of the Philharmonic Orchestra City of Pontevedra, accompanied by the Ballet de Galicia. And the Band of Music of Pontevedra will also offer its first concert of the year on Friday, day 3, again in the Main Theater. This will be a musical encounter of great symbolism, titled As duas beiras do Miño, in which you can hear the voices of Ana Laíns and Rosa Cedrón.


2Other of the acts that marked the day of yesterday was the presentation in the Sixth Building of the number 19 of the magazine Galegos. Seven articles dedicated to Castelao, in which most of the works that are discussed are part of the Museum’s collection, form its content. The authors are Justo Beramendi, María Vitoria Carballo-Calero, José Manuel B. López Vázquez, José Manuel Castaño García, Xosé Fuentes Alende, Xosé Ramón Fandiño and Carlos Valle Pérez, who bring different visions about Castelao in its facets as an artist, Galician politician , Writer and ethnographer.

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