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The benefits of music in pregnancy

The benefits of music on infants and children are amply demonstrated. Know how, and during pregnancy, you can stimulate your baby with music.

 The baby, from the 20th week of pregnancy can already hear. Therefore, although the small still can not understand the words his mother says, you should speak, as does capture the musicality, tone and feeling that the mother puts in the words dedicated to him.

However, words are not the only means that mom has to communicate with the future baby. Music also allows the child tocapture the mood of his mother and spread their welfare. What is more, some scientific studies claim that baby can remember until he has heard melodies while he was in the belly of her mother.

Listening to music during pregnancy has many benefits for both mother and baby stimulates heart rate in the fetus and the production of endorphins in the mother. Through ear, music acts on the whole human being, launching vibrational resonances that activate million brain cells, promoting brain development.

What kind of music is best during pregnancy?
After studying for years the reactions of the fetus in relation to music , the English researcher from Society for gynceologist nyc – Michele Clements concluded that the sharp Baroque music, especially harmonic sounds and Vivaldi and Mozart, calm and relax the child.

The findings of Clements confirmed with investigations by Don Campbell, author of Mozart Effect , which relate the experiments showing how the music of the Austrian composer and, in general, baroque music, stimulate new connections of neurons in the brains of children, because they are rich in symmetries and recurring patterns that manage to develop both the right and the left hemisphere, completing their duties.

Its rhythms and melodies also stimulate creativity and specialized areas of the brain in favor motivation.

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