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Top 10 films on water

If you read my other posts, maybe you’ve noticed that I usually do, occasionally, references to the seventh art. In this post, there are two of my greatest interests, water and film.

It is true that cinema, fiction or documentary, not usually treated too often the theme of water and the human being, but looking a bit (on occasion much) films are highly recommended that you should not miss.

This top 10 is divided into five documentaries and 5 fiction films without an order for quality, you tell me what you liked which more or missing.

Prepare popcorn and launch project free TV to  see the movies!


1. Tapped

Synopsis : The bottled water industry is increasingly booming, is a business on a global level is estimated at 800 billion dollars . In the United States consumption of bottled water is a big problem, 80 million bottles of water daily which 80% are not recycled are consumed (the world average is 50%). This problem is compounded by numerous cases in which companies bottlers exploit natural water sources to near exhaustion without even paying for it.

Advertising has made ​​us believe that best water softener is healthier and less dangerous than tap water, which in most cases is not true. In the United States if bottled water is produced and consumed in the same state, it is not subject to health control whatsoever on the part of the authorities, representing 60-70% of total production. The remaining part if supervised, but are limited to control water analysis provided by the bottling companies own a real blunder.

This phrase Gandhi sums it up : ” There is enough water for human need, but not for human greed ” (There is enough water for human need, but not for their greed).

Review : Dynamic, entertaining and enlightening . The only downside is that it is focused only in the United States, and you can be tempted to autoengañarte and think that this does not happen where you live while you drink your bottle of expensive and polluting “mineral” water.

2. A world without water

Synopsis : A documentary about the problems related to bad practices in the privatization of the supply of water , mainly imposed by the World Bank to developing country.

In it, a trip around the world, stopping in cities as is El Alto in Bolivia where Suez through its subsidiary, Aguas de Illimani, covers 90% of town but left without the ability to connect to 208,000 people by the high prices. The situation is so blatant that local authorities recommend the illegal connection of its inhabitants.

Something similar happened in the most populous city in Tanzania , Dar es Salaam, where public water is privatized. They increased water shortages and the price rose so abill cost ¼ of the average wage , or the known manifestations of Cochabamba (Bolivia) and repression by the government stopped fighting, wounded and died young .

But it is not only a thing of the third world, in Detroit , the economic crisis and the state of bankruptcy of the city makes many people do not have resources to pay the water bill and choose to connect illegally.

Review : A deep, poignant and especially cabreante history of human beings taking water at the doors of your house can not access it by the greed of a few on the other side of the world in collaboration with the World Bank. To enjoy this movie in high quality, please visit Movie25.

3. Flow

Synopsis: “As a bunch of corporations rob us water” . This is the caption on the movie poster and well summarized its contents. In the documentary talking about the privatization of water in many places around the world, not only distribution services but in some cases the resource itself.

It was exhibited at the United Nations headquarters to sensitize representatives of the problems related to water in the world and the need to protect the population of the economic interests of a few.

Review: It ‘s a mixture of A World Without Water and Tapped , so it touches all aspects related to the problem of water supply. A very dynamic documentary, with many different stories but with a message in common, all water is not a commodity.What is sometimes lost in depth of the stories, it gains in pace.

4. The thirst of the world

Synopsis: The director of recommended documentary Home, story of a journey, brings us this journey through man’s problems with the water around the world.

Kenya , Congo, Cambodia , Palestine, Senegal and China are some of the places you visit, discovering their problems with lack of nearby water sources, pollution and conflicts associated with it.

Aesthetically very remarkable, based his narrative on precious and striking aerial images , brand director (his documentary Home has only aerial images and the voice of the narrator). In this case too low to the ground to talk to the protagonists of these stories.

With a large budget of 10 million Euros, provided by the luxury conglomerate PPR (Gucci, Fnac, Puma, etc.), he was accused of greenwashing (a facelift) by these companies.

Review: Definitely photography and soundtrack are the strengths of this production, better watch it on a big screen if possible. With a calm (not heavy) rate is between a documentary of social criticism and one of nature .

5. Cadillac Desert: Mulholland’s Dream

Synopsis: Create your own instant city, just add water! The incredible story of transformation of the city of Los Angeles from water.

Los Angeles had nothing, not having had no water, but went from being a small town without importance in the nineteenth century the largest city in the United States by the vision he had William Mulholland, in the 1910s, of build an aqueduct across California. In this first episode of the series of four chapters, Cadillac Dessert (based on the novel of the same name) tells the incredible story of how greed, speculation, waste and lack of environmental awareness, made ​​the City of Angels what it is today and the San Fernando Valley, the largest agricultural producer in the country.

With an ever larger in the middle of a desert if city resources, the engineering turned the desert into orchard in exchange for converting those orchards from which brought water in deserts . With the testimony of descendants of William Mulholland, experts on the subject as the author of the book Cadillac Desert (Marc Reisner) or (Robert Towne) writer of the film Chinatown, set in those years and adversaries who suffered the disastrous consequences of these measures , constructed one of the most fascinating stories of transformation of a territory by water .

Review: A powerful and gripping story about how humans transformed the American Midwest radically, regardless of the dire environmental consequences. The story of how a city about greed, speculation and superb human being refounded .

Fiction Films.

Bonus track

Although I already hit my five documentaries I refuse to not point this also highlight Last Call To Oasis , on how the situation is midwestern American today and people think there over the water. In addition brings the incentive to meet the real Erin Brockovic whose movie will see later.

But as he has not entered the top 5 only I leave the fun spot starring in the documentaryJack Black an alleged result of bottled water purifying sewage , Porcelaine Springs Will you would drink?

6. Chinatown

Synopsis: Los Angeles, 1937. specialized in divorce detective JJ Gittes (Jack Nicholson) receives the visit woman superintendent of the water service in the city, Mulwray, stop to investigate infidelity. After jumping the scandal lso newspapers, a woman comes into his office and reveals a story that will take you to dive into the game ambitions and power that lies behind the water in the city of Los Angeles .

Review: A classic black cinema with eleven Oscar nominations of people who only got one. It is situated on the first growing season and water speculation Los Angeles but only inspired by her, almost in no time showing events or real characters (only comment briefly breaking of the dam The Francisquito). If you have the opportunity to read the book Cadillac Dessert (Mark Reisner) or view based on the documentary (Cadillac Desert: Mulholland’s dream), you will understand better certain details that the film does not explain, if not even have a good film of black cinema .

Curiosity: In principle the film was to be called Water and Power , name of water service in the city and reflects very well the power games around water, but ultimately chose to Chinatown, I guess loudness, as neither It takes place in that neighborhood (except a small scene) and hardly has any relation to the plot.

7. Civil Action

Synopsis : In the small town of Wobum, Massachusetts, eight families suffer death from leukemia of his sons and two large corporations accused of dumping waste and polluting the water from their wells . Jan Schlichtmann (John Travolta), injury lawyer, will take over the case and try to help families obtain justice.

Review : Movie a good script and great actors , especially Robert Duvall, nominated for an Oscar for this role, but that does not stop being round (perhaps by the protagonist). A film research and classical, judgments sober and somber .

8. Erin Brockovich

Synopsis : Erin Bockovic is a single mother with two children who survive can work as work. Get an administrative position in a small law firm though his personality and the way they dress not fit too in that world. Without studying law and no one would charge, is the case some clients suffering many suspicious diseases that seem to be related to the water they drink, and discovering a large court case .

Review : Not Another film judgments to begin the protagonist is not a lawyer (or likes too). How to be outgoing and colorful, and sometimes provocative attire of the protagonist, give the counterpoint to the drama of families, not dropping it in a dark and gloomy atmosphere. Although falls in almost all topics, it is a very entertaining movie .

9. Even the Rain

Synopsis : Sebastian (Gael García Bernal) and Costa (Luis Tosar) is the director and producer of a film about Columbus and the discovery of America , which seeks todemystify the figure, portraying him as an ambitious and unscrupulous person. To cut costs decide to travel to Bolivia, the poorest country in South America and roll in Cochabamba. In 2000 the Bolivian government privatized the water service in the city, which caused big protests and harsh repression in what was called Bolivian Water War. All equipment is fully immersed in the conflict that 500 years after the indigenous people still face the money, power and greed, this time by the water.

Critique : The film grows in a first part focuses more on the set, its complexities and problems, until conflict erupts and all these problems are swept away by the harsh reality of a poor people fighting for their life, water in a last part intense and revealing .

10. Range

Synopsis : Range is a lonely chameleon who wants to be an actor and just accidentallylost in the Mohave Desert . When it reaches the thirsty people of Dirt, he decides to play the role of Sheriff, but realizes that acting is one thing and real life is another. He will face the mysterious disappearance of water from the village and discover the conspiracy that lies behind so understanding the vital importance of water .

Review : It is perhaps the most complete film on the water there . They talk about their value for life but also of the power games there around it. His character animation, directed especially children, lacks some depth , but is a good start for future generations begin to value water. When will a range for adults?

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